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It’s not always black and white…

Except this time, this time it needs to be black and white.

Sarah really likes her retro Art Deco 1920’s bathroom. Problem is there’s an old medicine cabinet that is no longer working for her.

In searching online she found a lovely medicine cabinet that is about the same size as her old one. Without hesitation she whips out her credit card and purchases this lovely piece.

♫ I did it my way…

and ran into a problem.

After puling out the old medicine cabinet, and unpackaging the new one, there was an instant of panic  that creped into Sarah’s mind.  Oh no! the cavity from the old cabinet was bigger than the new cabinet’s form.

Additionally there is a significant gap of almost 1 inch between the tile along the bottom of the cavity and the wall around the cavity.

Sweet intervention

Sarah contacted HoneyDew™ Improvements for some much needed help.  After meeting with Sarah at her home to asses the challenge, Bryan proposed a solution.

This is a picture of what the cavity in the bathroom looked like when Bryan first stopped by.

Bryan got to work finding matching tile and creating an estimate and an artist’s rendition of the new space for the medicine cabinet.

What’s the Miter

The new design required removing a few tiles strategically without damaging the other original tiles. 

We then carefully measured and cut a 90 degree miter in the replacement tiles to create a continuous bullnose tile border.

Using a combination of laser levels and wood blocking, we set out to create the border as illustrated in the rendition.

Will it fit?

After grouting and tiling, we installed the new cabinet and thought, “Job well done.”

Turns out that the cabinet had other ideas.  The factory designed door was off center and to the right by a whopping 1.25″!  It was clearly off center any way you looked at it.

This is where we at HoneyDew™ Improvements shine. After a little thinking and planning, the piano  hinge was refabricated to allow the door to be hinged 5/8″ to the left.


In line with our way, we provided even more value by adding a magnetic cabinet catch not included with the medicine cabinet. We touched up the paint around our work, patched a few holes and meticulously cleaned up.

All in all we hope Sarah enjoys her retro bathroom for many years to come.

If you have a restoration project or tiling project you want done right, consider HoneyDew™ Improvements.


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