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HoneyDew Improvements Presents

Club HoneyDew™

Club HoneyDew™

A home maintenance program offering peace of mind and savings

At HoneyDew Improvements, we pride ourselves on making sure our customers have peace of mind when it comes to home maintenance. To provide our clients the best service around, we created a new membership program: Club HoneyDew™.

The focus of our club is to help you save time and money. We do this by offering 2-day priority service on many jobs, emergency service without fees, a home wellness checkup, and many other benefits.

Why do I need a membership?

Benefits of being a Club HoneyDew™ member include:

  • Maintenance reminders: You have many things to think about throughout your day, and maintaining your home doesn’t have to be one of them. That’s why we’ll keep track of maintenance schedules for you and NEVER let you miss any to-do’s.

  • Biannual Home Wellness Inspection: As with a car, homes need checkups to ensure all your systems are running smoothly. Research has shown that it’s important to have many items in the home looked at periodically to prevent emergencies from catching you by surprise.

  • Peace of Mind: Whether you have an older or newer home, it’s essential to have it inspected by a professional. Having an experienced pair of eyes can lead to preventing and getting ahead of potential problems.

Experience Club HoneyDew™ Benefits

At HoneyDew Improvements, our membership program is unlike any other.

Join today and enjoy the following:

  • Guaranteed SAME-DAY emergency service

  • 2-day priority service
  • 7% Discount on Services or Repairs, 5% Discount on Remodels

  • Annual Home Wellness Inspection with a detailed report

  • Free access to the Club HoneyDew™ Home Maintenance Calendar with monthly, seasonal and biannual schedule
  • Access to App with service history records, online booking and billing (Coming Soon!)

  • No after-hours or overtime charges
  • Free Estimates

  • Free book: How Your House Works by Charlie Wing

All this for just $39.99/Month
or $399/Year (Save $80)