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Join the HoneyDew family,

and improve your life and work.

About HoneyDew™ Improvements

Join the HoneyDew family to provide quality home improvements for hundreds of neighbors in the North Shore Milwaukee Area.

We take on a wide range of home improvement projects, both large and small. Every day offers variety and opportunity for growth.

Our team is looking for quality individuals with a love for home improvement. There are serveral positions available right now.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Care Deeply

  • Take time to be present
  • Be there for our team
  • Show love for our clients
  • Partner with ownership


  • Cultivate knowledge
  • Learn by doing
  • Go the extra mile

Be a Great Neighbor

  • Serve and sustain your community
  • Encourage every voice
  • Be generous with your talent

Lead the Way

  • Be open to try new things
  • Inspire through deeds
  • Value ideas
  • Speak up

Our Culture

We’re looking for candidates who are mission-focused, action-driven, and above all else, looking for a deeper meaning in their work. We pride ourselves in hiring good and talented individuals from all walks of life. We advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and creating a safe and welcoming space to address key topics affecting our society today.

HoneyDew Improvements will always remain a family business with an aim to continue to have tight-knit teams working together, learning from each other, and excited to take on new challenges and opportunities.

Weekday Meetings

HoneyDew BBQ

Employee Appreciation Days

Weekday Lunch

Read what our current and former employees have to say about working at HoneyDew Improvements:

“For the past year I have been working for Honeydew. Before joining the HoneyDew family, I had a bit of experience in plumbing and demolition, but not enough to go out and do it myself.
At HoneyDew I found a listening ear and opporunities for learning, improvement, and help. Every question or concern I had was answered.
During my time with HoneyDew, I have learned new skills, and improved on many skills in the field of plumbing, electrical, carpentry and drywall.
Working at HoneyDew gave me the confidence to go out and do jobs myself.
The flexibility offered definitely helped. Whenever I needed personal time I got the time I needed.
Bryan and Yaffa are always happy to guide, help and challenge me to improve my abilities.  From the start they believed in me and gave me responsibilities, such as having my own work car as well as organization of inventory, resources, and fleet.
If I had the opportunity, I would have stayed in the company for many many years.
The pay was excellent, the environment was amazing, friendly and  professional. From the get go, I felt like a full partner in the company.
Definitely the best employers I have had so far.” – Yoni Rubin, Service Technician

From the get go, I felt like a full partner in the company.

Yoni Rubin, Service Technician

Working at HoneyDew was definitely the best work experience I’ve had.

Allie B., Seasonal Apprentice

“Last summer, I had the opportunity to join the HoneyDew family as a seasonal worker. I had no prior experience as a handy person, but working with Bryan and the rest of the HoneyDew team, I learned many valuable skills in electrical, plumbing, and many other areas of work. During my time at HoneyDew I felt like a valuable member of the team, and any questions I had were answered with care.
I have been able to take the skills I’ve learned into other parts of my life, and have gained a newfound sense of independence because of the skills I acquired while working at HoneyDew.
Working at HoneyDew was definitely the best work experience I’ve had. The work environment was professional and friendly, excellent pay, and plenty of opportunity to learn and improve skills.” – Allie B., Seasonal Apprentice


  • Competitive Pay 
  • Commissions & Spiff potential  
  • Paid Time Off, to use however you want!


  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Training & Development
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Growth & Advancement Opportunities

Other Benefits

  • Uniforms
  • Management Support 
  • Year-Round Work 
  • Company Vehicle & Gas Card (for qualifying positions) 
  • Company Phone (for qualifying positions)


At HoneyDew Improvements we want to ensure that it is clear to all employees and candidates what mindset leads to success – what skills we hire for, promote and reward. Our Mindset, helps us live our values and achieve our goals. Following are a list of skills and mindsets that we look for and reward at HoneyDew Improvments. As a candidate, you need to evaluate whether our culture is the right fit for you. Are the skills and mindset we ask of you aligned with how you operate or the skills and mindset you want to develop?

We are Mission Driven

We focus on our customers and team members.  We ask ourselves how the decision we’re making impacts them. We ask whether our actions and decisions are in line with our values. We believe our work is helping to improve the lives of others, and that motivates us to go above and beyond in our efforts.

We have a Growth Mindset

We contribute to a culture of learning by being open minded, willing to instantly admit mistakes, and by taking on challenges. We empathise and appreciate others point of view and we continuously seek out new opportunities to learn. We welcome feedback. We believe abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.

We are Flexible

We can evolve and achieve with uncertainty and risk. We can adapt to change in our role in the business and shift priorities. We can make decisions based on the information we have, even if it’s not all of the information. We are flexible and assume the best of intentions. We have great problem solving skills.

We Work Well with Others

We value the team’s success over our own and are generous with our talents, insights, and sharing the spotlight. We are open to different viewpoints, ask questions, and actively listen. We go the extra mile for our team, and take the time to build relationships and trust. No task or job is too small or beneath us.

We Act on Needs

We notice and take notes to facilitate leadership’s decision making. We take smart risks and avoid getting side tracked by worry or doubt. We assess if we have enough data, and make smart decisions based on experience.