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Hayley’s Skylights

Haley is an interior designer. She first contacted us when she moved to Fox Point from a large city. The home Hayley bought was a craftsman home with some interesting features and spaces.  She needed an experienced craftsman with attention to detail whom she could trust to update her home.

One project Hayley wanted to address in her home was updating the skylights in her beautiful entry/hallway. She wanted to remove the frosted plastic and open the windows to the sky.

The challenge was matching the oak stain and feel, as well as contouring the carpentry to the unusual angles for each skylight.

Hayley found HoneyDew Improvements and tasked us with her wish.  

On the first day of the project, we removed the framing and frosted plastic covers and discovered a blank canvas.  The electrical boxes were removed and replaced with low profile boxes.

All the angles were measured, and a plan was formed.  Since each window’s rough carpentry was different, a design that would span all three skylights was decided upon.

Soon the finish carpentry was taking shape. The sky was a beautiful blue that day.

The angles were sharp and the wiring was ready for mouting some updated fixtures.

With the carpentry done, it was time to stain to match.  After selecting a mixture of two modern stains, we were ready to apply a beautiful rich oak color that would join the modern with the classic.

We were soon ready to add the finishing touches to her redesigned space with a stunning view to the heavens.

Some Brushed Brass fixtures were added with round silver bowl bulbs. These bulbs were chosen since they reflect light against the walls and not outward.

The rich tones of the oak combined with the warm lights from the silver bowl bulbs, create a unique effect during the daytime and night.

In the end, Hayley Loved that her vision was perfectly met with patience and craft. Hayley has since called on HoneyDew Improvements to work with her clients from her design firm.

Ultimately, happy customers are our number one source for additional projects, and we appreciate each opportunity to improve our customers’ living spaces.

Hayley’s Review

We just did a walkthrough, and the skylights look great.


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