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Ryan and Kathryn had planned on remodeling the kitchen in their home of three years.  The problem is that they wanted to do some of the work themselves.  They had a lot of trouble finding a contractor that was willing to help them out.

There were a few challenges. The first is that they were living in the home and did not want to be without a functioning kitchen for several weeks between the removal of the old countertops, and install of the new ones.

Additionally, they were looking to paint their cabinets and remove some older cutting board inserts. They needed someone to fill the old gaps in the cabinets.

Finally, a dishwasher needed to be replaced, but the flooring was already installed, the dishwasher would have to be replaced without damaging the new floors that were higher than the dishwasher’s feet.

After talking with HoneyDew Improvements, Ryan was assured that the project could be handled in a way that would address all the problems.  During the first visit from HoneyDew Improvements, the old countertop was removed, the cutting board gaps were repaired and the installers were able to come the following day to measure for the new surfaces.

The follwing day, after the measurements were taken, the original countertops and fixtures were temporarily reinstalled.  This allowed Ryan and Kathryn to use the kitchen while waiting for the new surfaces to be fabricated.

A third visit was then made to remove the old countertops for the last time a day before the surface installation, the old dishwasher was then replaced with the new dishwasher.

On the fourth and final visit, the faucet, disposal and dishwasher air-gap were installed leaving Ryan and Kathryn with the updated kitchen.

In all, they were able to stay in their home and use their kitchen for all but a brief few half days.

Their updated modern kitchen came in well under budget and looks gorgeous.

We love the modern updates, including the countertops, appliances and a facelift for the cabinets.

Ryan’s Review

Would highly recommend honeydew for any project. We were replacing our countertops, sink, and dishwasher that required some tricky plumbing. We had a plumber come in to install/unhook everything and initially couldn’t figure it out, they quoted a high price, and we would’ve been without our kitchen for at least a month between when the counters were removed and the plumbing could be hooked back up. Bryan and his team were able to unhook the plumbing and remove the counters so the new countertop measurements could be done. They came back the next day did some carpentry work on the cabinets, put the old countertops back on, installed the new dishwasher, and hooked up all the plumbing so we weren’t without a kitchen for 4-6 weeks. When it came time to install the new granite counters they came back the day before, unhooked and everything and removed the counters. The counters were installed and they were back the next morning to hook everything back up and reconfigure our plumbing since we went from a divided sink with two drains to one large one. Everything works and looks fantastic. Throughout the whole project we were without a kitchen for maybe 2 days instead of 4-6 weeks. Can’t recommend Bryan, Yoni, and Yaffa enough. Will definitely be using them again. Thank you for everything!

The flexibility you get with HoneyDew Improvements is one reason to book your project with us. Have a project that needs patience and understaning, then you’ve come to the right place.