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House of Mirrors Gets a  Makeover

The Final Product of the Fireplace makeover, and living room facelift.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, which contractor should I call?

Linda contacted HoneyDew in the Spring of 2022 with a project that we were excited to tackle. Her 1990s decorated home was in need of a fresh new look and feel. Remember those awesome mirrored walls so hot in the 70’s and 90’s? They just had to go!

Linda had other concerns, she wanted to update her Living room fireplace, all the incandescent and halogen lighting to low wattage LED, Refresh her hardwood floors, and replace an original hardwood floor that was damaged from over 100 years of wear and tear.

As with any project of this magnitude, Linda had some decisions to make. Finding a contractor that would be willing to work with a blank slate, willing to work around challenging demolition conditions, and staying within budget.

Safety First!  Especially when dealing with decades old mirrors. 

You use a mirror to see your face; you use art to bare your soul.

After several conversations and meetings, a plan was put into place which included removing all 

the mirrors, updating the flooring, and changing the fireplace to a solid wood mantle and a tile surround that matched the hearth and front entry tile.  Additionally, the lighting would be relocated and updated, walls and ceilings were to be repainted and built-in serving cabinets were to be resurfaced.

The project began in late spring with demolition. Some surprises popped up immediately.  The mirrors which were in a state of disrepair around the fireplace were hiding a previous chimney leak and a great deal of mold and rot. Additionally a section of door frame between the living room and dining room had no support from the joists below and was sinking by about 3/4 of an inch.

The mirrored dining room before, with a crisp clean white room after. 

The artist must create a spark before he can make a fire and before art is born.

The fireplace presented additional challenges.  The gas valve was too close to where the new mantle would be and matching the discontinued jade marble tile for the fireplace surround to match the tile on the hearth and in the front entry would be hard to find as the tile was discontinued some time in the 90s.

After consulting with an engineer on replacing headers and supports for the wall around the fireplace, and jacking and reinforcing the door frame, the remodeling work began.

We started with a new header and framing around the fireplace, jacked the door frame and installed new blocking to keep it in place.

Our electrician began with updates to install new recessed gimbal lights to highlight wall art, switches to control them, new receptacles and sconces.

The plumber relocated our gas valve to allow for the new mantle.

After the electrician and plumber came the drywall. New drywall over the newly repaired exterior wall around the fireplace, skim coating to repair all the damage from the glue holding the mirrors in the dining room and hallways and repair to the ceilings and much more.

New flooring for both the dining room and living room were installed, and older flooring in the family room and kitchen were stripped and sanded. The entire surface was refinished in a natural finish.

After a great deal of research, new fireplace tile surround was sourced from remnant tiles discontinued in the 90s. A new hardwood mantle was fabricated and installed, and stainless steel edging was welded to transition from the painted stone inside to the new tile surround.

The cabinets got new marble tops, resurfacing and high gloss paint to match. The baseboard and trim were installed.

The painter came in with a fresh update, and soon the furniture and art was ready to come back.  The project was complete.  Linda was thrilled with the results and could not wait to showcase it for her friends and family.

Before and After of this stunning fireplace upgrade.